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September 26th, 2006

10:42 pm: "dont take Viagra unless you're healthy enough to have sex"
"side effects may include upset stomach and blurred vision"

soooooooooo what have we learned from this?

September 18th, 2006

06:26 pm: i gave up on lj...ive moved on to myspace blogging...much more interesting

sooooooo ya check that one out if you're still interested in my life, its been a little fun lately.

now i have a headache and an apartment.

ya. eat it!

July 21st, 2006

12:36 pm: texas...oh dear sweet mary its hot. dad is on his way to pick me up from kryste's so i can go spend a week on a farm with no tv, internet, or cell phones...

why dont i just crawl under a rock and die?

lol it should be fun though...lots of...space?

ive had a blast here with kryste and her friends are hilarious!!! we went to manda's and i almost got kissed by bric...who i didnt want to kiss me...weird.

we saw john green in seussical and he was so freakin cute!!! he was horton. his belly jiggled.

search for Old Greg...its the first one...6:55 minutes long. really its too funny. mom and dan and ted i know you would love it

i didnt go to sleep until 4 last night and then i woke up at 10 or 11 today...ugh

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July 11th, 2006

12:59 am: it's officially 1 am...im not in bed...nor tired.

i bought a journal today and have successfully written in it for today...


either way...

my baby birds are doing great...they're getting fat which means tristan is feeding them. and well im just not knowing what to do. so im glad she knows.

i found a bunch of old stuff in the garage today.

made me laugh.

work was awful a bunch of standing around being bored.

then andrew came in and talked to me for about ten minutes which made me happy.

now im going to check myspace one last time unless someone said something to me in which case i will reply and then wait to see if they respond.

then im off to watch food network and go to sleep.

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July 9th, 2006

10:01 pm: and i believe that this may call for a proper introduction
and dont you see im the narrator and this is just the prologue?

mmm panic at the disco...excited for the show.

even more excited for texas.

but sad that after i leave andrew is leaving too...
and while i come back july 27th
he comes back july 19th...2008.

that sounds weird.

i always thought 2006 sounded weird...and here we are now. im graduated and heading off to college in the winter. where did time go and why cant i remember hardly any of it?

oh life such bittersweet memories are stolen away from my slippery grasp as i try to hold tight to your ever speeding clock while being thrown, blind and dumb into your mortal spin cycle.

oh and the baby birds are doing fine. the othet two eggs havent hatched so i think they died. sad...but then again now i only have 4 parakeets...i wouldnt know what to do with 6.

anyone want a parakeet in about 2 months?

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Current Mood: sadsad
Current Music: panic at the disco

July 8th, 2006

12:22 pm: so i get home at around midnight last night and im in my room checking my phone and putting on pjs when i here high pitched twittering coming from the log in my parakeet cage.

a log that has been inhabited by my female parakeet Tristan *i thought it was a dude shut up* for the last oh month?

she laid eggs...

two hatched...

wtf am i supposed to do with baby parakeets?!

they're like hairless cats

so ugly they're cute...

i want to hold them but mommy says no. they let me get close to them and take a couple pictures on my phone...then Tristan got all uppity and fluffed so i backed off but she stil didnt get back in the log..so i got catharine and jill and we marveled over the featherless halflings in my cage...if the other two eggs hatch ill have six parakeets...

wtf am i supposed to do with SIX PARAKEETS?!

im keeping one most def and naming it derek jr. after the late derek sr. god rest her soul.

getting my hair cut...

a) shoulder length, flippy
b) not much shorter now and TONS of layers

you decide...i dont like to.

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Current Music: everyday italian with giada de lorentis

July 3rd, 2006

08:18 pm: ok *looks around* i dont think andrew gets on here anymore so i can talk...

ha ok so me and him have been hanging out like a ton and a half lately...why?

we enjoy each other's company and have nothing better to do...

anyways hes going on his mission on the 18th...

i leave for texas the 13th...

im really bummed about him leaving and i dont know why!!!!!!!

ya hes one of my really good friends but im bummed like...hes breaking up with me bummed.

and i keep thinking well golly...maybe you like him again katie...

then i think no it doesnt matter if you do or not cuz well he'll be in italy for the next two years...

problem? ci

i just saw the two most hilarious headlines on a news ticker...

1. "Fat People Not More Jolly, Study Shows"

2. "Drive-Thru Pot Smoke Gives Pair Away"

i love america. god bless it. especially tomorrow when every teenage boy and lifelong pyro will be blowing the shit out of it.

anyways so ya...not sure what to do about the whole thing but im thinking something along the lines of nothing...its not like i can make him stay...i mean jeez..mission...anyways ok im done ranting.

summer has sucked except for my grad party and a few other perks.

why do i do this to myself? why couldnt i start feeling like this back in oh....may? or june? when i had TIME?! no i have to wait until TWO WEEKS before i let myself think about these things. whatever...it took my mind off of chris for five minutes. so looks like its back to wishing and hoping he'll take me back.

world...here is my heart...fuck it up!

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Current Music: emocity and dashboard confessional

June 19th, 2006

07:35 pm: My Summer So Far
ive been sitting here on the computer addicted to myspace

working for $7.63 and hour *god i love minimum wage*

dating around kinda

well actually just hanging out with guy friends like andrew and josh and fitch

i think none of them have been actual dates

tonight josh and i are having our first real "date"

we're watching a movie at his house

we havent hung out for more than an hour before.


i love panic! at the disco

im pumped for the show

i also love guitar hero

andrew is my crack dealer on that one

Current Mood: curiouscurious
Current Music: panic! at the disco "but its better if we do"

June 8th, 2006

08:21 am: my last real day in high school

my last business math post

tears for fears

fears of messing up my graduation speech

tears of leaving my underclassmen friends

fears of college and deciding my life now

tears of not having choir anymore

fears of living on my own

tears of splitting up across the country...oh class of 2006

fears of the next step

tears of this step

prom was cool. i have my pictures and they are ADORABLE!!!!

Current Mood: listlesslistless
Current Music: some girl singing. crackin me up

June 4th, 2006

06:44 pm: FUCKIN A!
one of my birds fucking died.
im so pissed and sad and wanting to cry but i feel dumb crying over a parakeet.
it was derek btw...the yellow one that i loved because of her*realizing its her because she died from egg laying complications* bright yellow feathers and her white cheeks. adorable. i went to get my ipod and she was laying on the bottom of the cage...now tristan and sammy will be lonely...i miss her already...she was my screamer. i noticed it was quiet.

Current Mood: crushedcrushed
Current Music: death march
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